Too Busy?

Deep down, or just in the back of my mind, I think I am aware that making the move to be a career illustrator, and not just doing it in my ‘spare time’, was motivated, in part, to have more time to do the things I love, to be un-busy. Or perhaps, not so much a motivator—as a major motivator is money, and taking on enough jobs to pay for things—as maybe a hope. The life with 2 kids is a different life for an artist than that of one before kids, but the relevance of being too busy, and the consequences of those choices, is one that I think I’ve been aware of for some time.

Over the years I think I have lost touch with people and past times. The example in the article of “I’m busy, but call me if something comes up” has been spurted from my mouth to friends or colleagues, and over time those encounters became less and less frequent. I am becoming aware of this loss, and it has been my hope, that now that a better portion of my time will be spent on art (largely commissioned art, and still not much for fun, irreverent, or experimental art) that I can somehow make time for those people and activities that I used to make habit years ago. Sometimes I wonder if that is why I’ve felt rather…blah…or uninspired, because I don’t hang out in a local comic shop any more, or peruse the book store, to be inspired by cover artists, or chance upon something new. (Oddly enough, as much as I love my iPad and enjoy reading on it, going through Apps like Comixology is just not the same…lot sure why). I want that feeling again, and it has started to feel like it has eluded me.

3-4 am is my catchup time. “let’s have a drink” is with my daughter, but I have time to read great articles like this. My life now is not one that could be as carefree as the author’s but time should be made to be un-busy.



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