CAM: A Workplace Graphic Novel

David Robertson and I have teamed up yet again! This time I have illustrated a GN for him and his work. I’m not sure how else to describe it. An autobiography of sorts? CAM: Connection Aboriginals to Manufacturing is a project that David himself has been working with for several years. It is a program that he helped create from scratch to help First Nation Communities and manufacturing work together for mutual gains. The GN describes how the project came to be, how it changed and showcases its successes for the aboriginal community (in particular for those out of Reservations). An impressive and beneficial project.

This was not like any other comic I had worked on before. It did not have a dramatic story, and was largely narrative in nature, a dictation of the CAM project. Yet, I am always intrigued and challenged by David’s script writing. For someone who is artistically limited to stick figures (and pictures of Dora), David has an impressive ‘visual’ writing style. We also get along because we seem to think alike. He imagines and lays out his story in a way that I might. David is also very creative, and this has been a challenge to me (in a positive way) to hone and expand on my own storytelling. Upon reading the script for CAM, I was most particularly reminded of Scott McCloud and Understanding Comics (and his other books), and I’m not sure if David has ever read Understanding Comics before. David helped to tell a story that is visually more interesting than just a bunch of talking heads. Which is odd, as that is how he described it to me when he asked if I would illustrate it. Perhaps this was to help entice me to work on it, as this was before I decided to make illustration my primary career and the book had a very tight schedule, only a couple months. But, CAM along with other projects helped make that career decision for me, and allowed me to not take any shortcuts or feel too rushed.

I am very happy with the way this book turned out. Here it is, some excerpts, in case no one outside of David’s work sees it.




Here is another sequence from the CAM GN:








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