RPG Illustrations

Years ago, while I was still in university, I worked with some friends to create our own role playing game. I’m not as into RPG’s as my friends were—I’m rather slow and stupid when I have played, and I probably frustrated my friends as a predecessor to Leeroy Jenkins—but I loved the ideas, the stories and the art to RPG’s. I only had a year to work on it with them, as I was going into my thesis year of Fine Arts. An RPG wasn’t going to work as a thesis, and the professors expected a full time commitment (possibly more), so once I entered that last year I left the project and unfortunately never came back to it.

The concept was to create a game that was a bit like Cops and Robbers (a bit of a gross simplification), as there weren’t many games like that (at the time). It was incredibly fun, and while I worked on a lot of things I enjoyed, it did force me to start to learn how to draw other things: perspective, diversity of faces, using more reference to create believable environments/people/objects. I think I started to really refine my craft, and had created some of my best work (at the time….now I have new criticisms of my work, but that will always be the case)

Below are some illustrations from the game. the first 2 are some of the “cops” who also sometimes had exo-suits. Next, are a couple from the “crime syndicates” of the world. And lastly, a street urchin, which was based on some National Geographic photo. This was also around the time that my favorite artist, Travis Charest, started to do painted covers, so I was heavily influenced by this.

“I never look back, Darling. It distracts from the Now.”—Edna Mode, “E”, the Incredibles.






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