Wolverine Review

In a rare act of spontaneity, my wife and I found a sitter and we went to see the new Wolverine movie.

I was a big X-Men fan when I really got into comics in my teens. This was the 90’s so that meant Jim Lee, but when I went back I also developed an great appreciation for Marc Silvestri as well. I must also say that I still like their older stuff, probably more so than their current work. That are still immensely talented artists, but I guess I’ve jut moved on from their a particular art styles. Oddly enough I have not read the comics which the newest movie is based on—shame in me! Some fan I am. So, my opinion of the movie is based solely on the movie itself and in context with the other X-Men films.

It is infinitely better than the X-Men Origins Wolverine movie. I’ve only watched it once, and I haven’t been strongly tempted enough to watch it again. Sometimes I humor the idea, give it another try. But I fear it will be like other badly done movies that will probably just make me angry that the movies were so aweful (Example: All of the recent Transformer movies). So far, X-2 is still the best of all of the X-Men related films—and one of my all time favorite movies, it’s almost a perfect X-Men movie, truly embodying the spirit of the X-Men). Right now, I think the Wolverine is better than X-Men 3, which was a huge let down after such a great setup with X-2. Maybe on par with the first X-Men movie: no awful lines from Hally Berry—no Hally Berrry at all thankfully (she just doesn’t seem like Storm to me).

I liked seeing a world weary Wolverine, trying to overcome his ghosts. Hugh Jackman is the Wolverine, and it will be hard to see anyone else play the character. He set up makes sense, until the end where it’s a little convoluted, but the action scenes are fun and dynamic—except when they’re attacked at th temple. What is with the increasing trend to have shaky cameras during action scenes? What is wrong with showing the characters hacking and slashing and jumping in a coherent way? Normally, shaky cams don’t bother me, and I get that it can create a frenzied, uncontroled mood, but I see it more and more often and sometimes it’s distracting. It was during this fight sequence, and all I could think was that they needed to get the cameraman off the coffee, or not have people with less than steady hands operate the camera. This was also my feeling with Hunger Games: constant hand held cams. It’s not the Blair Witch Project! Gods! End Rant.

Anyways, good movie and I loved the tease at the end for Days of Future Past, where they will hopefully undo all of the damage does in X-Men 3 (and you don’t have to wait until after the special effects credits, either!) not an amazing movie but a solid summer action movie that maintains my faith in the X-Men movies (when left in the right hands).

And here is my iPad sketch inspired by the movie.


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