Illustration: It’s What I Do

Hi, my name is Scott Henderson and I am an illustrator.


This statement may seem redundant or repetitive, especially for anyone that has come to my WordPress site and read the introductory greeting, read any of my blurbs or blogs, or gone through my portfolios. However, this post may be more directed at those that haven’t had the time to go through the entire site, for those that have short attention spans, those with short term memory loss, but most especially for anyone that will find this online portfolio for the first time. It will serve as an overview that is me, a professional illustrator.

I recently made a move to make illustration my primary income. I had enough projects and possible future projects that made this financially feasible. I have been doing illustration for years, and often getting paid (as well as numerous pet projects that I did for myself), but now it is my primary income. As a result I am always open to new projects. This is another reason for this posting: to let people know that this is what I do. I want to keep at this.

My Work

The majority of my work is sequential art (comic books and graphic novels), and this is the kind of art and story telling that interests me the most. I typically ink my own work these days, and most of the projects I have had of late are black and white books, though I do color the covers.

Here are the covers to my published books (these were published through HighWater Press, an imprint of Portage & Main Press)






(“7 Generations: Stone, Scars, Ends/Begins, and The Pact”, and “Sugar Falls”)

And these are the first 5 pages from the first book of 7 Generations (written by David A. Robertson)






I am currently working on 3 books of another series with David and HighWater, but it is still a work in progress, so I cannot reveal much about these books. I can show the proposed cover to one of these graphic novels: Tales From Big Spirit: Scout



Subject Matter

While I love the fantasy genre, and my own pet projects fall within this category, I have and am willing to work on virtually any subject. I would not have thought to draw stories about the Plains Cree, or the Residential School system, or dealing with stories and images related to fetal alcohol syndrome, or the exploitation of children but these works I have thoroughly enjoyed working on. I try not to limit myself to a genre. Just because I draw comics, does not mean all that I am interested in is superheroes, with grotesquely distorted bodies fighting crime syndicates. Don’t get me wrong: I love to work on that stuff too. I try to love everything I work on, whether it be historical works, knights and wizards, alcohol abuse, non-fiction or fantasy. I even really enjoyed working on CAM: Connecting Aboriginals to Manufacturing, which I can best categorize as a biography (of sorts).




“The Books of Era” was a fantasy creation of my own. There was a time when I wanted to self publish this series. It was a grand, sweeping epic of fantasy and science fiction. While I still love the world I had created, paying the bills has taken precedence and time has become limited. But, I have no regrets: it is this work which helped me get some of my contracts, and shows my dedication.




As I mentioned before, I normally ink my own work, but if I were to just four pencils, it would look something like this (Note: these X-Men pages were based on a sample script for a talent search; this is not work for Marvel):





I have also done value drawings, and portraits:



(portrait of Robert Hampton Gray (For Valour))

And of course, I’ve done some stand alone illustrations that are not sequential art, or part of a story:




In conclusion, I like to think that I am willing to try anything, draw any subject matter. I taught myself how to letter comics on the computer for The Books of Era, and continued to letter for David’s books (though I am by no means an expert and am still learning), and I enjoy learning new techniques. I have also dabbled in storyboards for movies and TV.

If anyone is interested in my work please contact me. I have a system for quoting fees on work, but it is not set in stone, we can negotiate.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I hope you like what you see, and I look forward to your visits in the future.


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