Conceptual Art

Well, it’s been quite awhile since I last posted anything, so well throw this up. I was approached by Nick to visualize some characters and scenes from a story that he has been developing. He had written out what the characters looked like, flushed put a lot of concepts, it wanted to see what might actually look like. As with all of my projects this was fun, but most especially because I could play in a science fiction world, a place I don’t get to much these days.

There will be a little more art in the professional gallery, but here I thought I’d let people see the various stages an art piece goes through (for me anyways).

First, a rough pencil phase. I don’t always make copies of my penciled work. I usually only do it when working with someone new and I am looking at approval before I move onto the next stage.


Then the art gets cleaned up when I ink it.


And lastly (for this project anyways) I get to colour it. This is the approved colour sample, though we did go through a variety of colour schemes. This is also where I get to throw in some spiffy effects.


(all images King Myco, the Gossamer King, are copyright Nicholas Osterbur, 2013)

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