“Thunder Road”: a Review

Part two of my rare day of having time to work on art not related to earning a pay cheque (well, perhaps not directly). First was a samurai drawing, and here is a picture inspired by character and events in Chadwick Ginther’s novel, Thunder Road.

The story follows Ted Callan, a blue collar, average Joe, who has the entirety of his life in his GTO. He returns to Winnipeg, Manitoba after a devastating fire in the oil fields of northern Alberta, a fire not of the world of mortal men. Ted has been touched by the Nine Worlds and they follow him where ever he goes, and he is marked—quite literally. Strange enemies, unlikely companions, a mysterious woman and the power of ancient gods.

I first noticed Thunder Road at the 2013 Manitoba Book Awards, and once I started I couldn’t stop. A quick paced story with colorful characters that seem real and contemporary, despite the magic, monsters and walking myths. It’s will also be fun for Manitobans to pick out landmarks across the province in the narrative.

A great book to read if you are into Norse mythology, or if you enjoy the work of authors like Neil Gaiman (Neverwhere has been a long time favourite).

In this picture I’ve included the three principle character (four is you count the ‘Goat’) along with a notable landmark from the book. I’m not totally satisfied with the title font, but it’s called ‘Odinson’, so I can hardly refuse.

Thunder Road is available on Kindle, Kobo, iBooks as well as the dead tree variety (while I do most reading digitally, I still love thumbing through real books and frequent book stores for ideas and reference—for anyone that thinks I’m knocking traditional books).

Part two in the trilogy (Tombstone Blues) comes out October 15.




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