3 Things Non-Aboriginal Canadians Need To Hear About Residential Schools


If you are a non-aboriginal Canadian, you need to hear some things about residential schools. Perhaps you have just heard of residential schools or have even known of them for a long time, but don’t understand why aboriginal people don’t just get over it already. Maybe you even think they deserved it, or that someone was trying to help them. If you are one of these people, you really need to read this blog post.

1. Residential Schools Were an Act of Genocide.

In 1948, prompted by the fact of the Nazi Holocaust, the United Nations gathered and defined various forms of genocide. Canada agreed to accept these definitions within two years, and yet continued to run residential schools for over 40 years after the fact. Cultural genocide is the removal of children from one cultural or ethnic group to be placed in another for the purposes of assimilating them…

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