WIP: Graphic Novel Sneak Peeks

I’ve been remiss.

I had started a series of mini previews of my upcoming work on the Tales From Big Spirit series. While I have been continuously working on the books, it has been several weeks since I shared any images from the books.

I took the time to gather a group of excerpts from the two books I have worked on thus far.

Once again, these are just single panel snippets of the upcoming graphic novels Tales From Big Spirit. The books are still being worked on, though the first set of three should be ready soon…at least I hope, as I am very excited about this project, and I really want others to see it too.

First up: an image from The Scout, which is about Sgt. Tommy Prince.


Next: something from The Ballad of Nancy April, about Shawnadithit.


Lastly: this is the first preview of the new book I’m currently working on, The Poet. This book is about Pauline Johnson.


Tales From Big Spirit are written by David A Robertson and will be published by HighWater Press.

You can see other excerpts in the Archives, usually titled as Snippets or WIP.

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