One Hour Wednesdays: fast drawings

So, tonight I did my first One Hour Wednesday. What is this you ask? Well, I put a timer on and I have just one hour to draw whatever I feel like (or is someone was to make a suggestion/commission). I have such a hard time making or taking time to do drawings other than paying projects and deadlines, yet I feel I really need to work on other stuff sometimes. I would even like to do a “Freelance Friday” where I spend most of the work day doing art other than commissions. Maybe take time to practice painting again, or simply have time to digitally colour my work. But, for the time being, one hour once a week will have to do.

So, in anticipation for the third season premiere of Walking Dead this Sunday, I decided to do a pocture of Carl. Why Carl? Dunno. Felt like drawing a kid in a hat. I’ve already learned one thing: one hour doesn’t leave time for complicated pictures. I had zombies in the background, never got to them. Maybe if I get to spend more time later and do a nicely polished picture…


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