Commission Artwork

“Hey, Scott, would you draw me a picture of _______?”

Why, yes. Yes I would draw you a picture….for a price.

While I am often working on larger, more time consuming projects, I do leave myself open to work n smaller projects and commissions. As with my sequential art, I am open to all manner of subject matter: super heroes, comics, science fiction, fantasy, mythology, celebrity, movies, books, portraits. It can be a poster, a tattoo design, a logo, or conceptual art.

“What would you charge for that art?”

Well, that depends. I figure a cost for any project on the estimated amount of time involved, so the price varies from project to project. Hence why I don’t post my prices. Ask me what I would charge and if that is different than what were thinking (AKA: what you can afford) then we can talk.

Here are some examples of various “small” commissions I have worked on in the past.

Most recently: Thunder Road piece (based on the book by Chadwick Ginther). This actually started out as a fan art piece. It is also a fairly rare example of my work when I get to colour it.


Then there are these King Myco conceptual drawings for Nicholas Osterbur for his own science fiction story.


*Note: this image should have additional effects, but my saved file was before these were added. I will update this as soon as I resolve the issue. This image is also located in my Professional Galleries


I have alo been asked to design tattoos for some people. This one was for a friend. The final tattoo incorporated her kids names and birth dates in the wings of the dragonfly.


In a previous post I advertised that I have also done portraits. I can modify the pictures, incorporate multiple pictures, etc. This piece was created from 3 different photos. The next is of my wife and son, and I removed my wife’s glasses (she had since gotten laser eye surgery).



And lastly a few pieces I’ve done for close friends or family that are of varied subject matter.




These last 2 were for a colleague’s super hero comic book,Magnitude (created by Greg Waller).



Does this give you some ideas? Are you looking at having something brought to visual life? Please feel free to contact me with your ideas. It never hurts to ask and I’m always looking for new and different projects to draw.

Scott Henderson


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