Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen

I created this piece for my wife on Valentine’s Day…well, the preliminary sketch was ready for Valentine’s Day. It took me another week and a half to get it to this stage. I restrained myself to only work on it for 5 minutes at a time. The rest of my work time was put toward completing my contracts. It provided a nice, brief distraction while working. It also helped to affirm that I can work on personal projects while working on paying contracts. While I always try to enjoy every project I work on, I rarely get the chance or time to work on something fantastic or mythical, or all my own.

I have to tweak the letters at the bottom and space them out better. A reminder as to why I don’t normally do hand lettering. This will also be coloured and I’ll make prints. My wife gets the original.

I plan on doing more personal projects like this over the next several months. Picking away at them, carving out a few minutes each day. In part for personal reasons, but also in perpetration for this year’s Central Canada Comic Con (C4), at the end of October. I want to have a bit more to offer this year—though I will have many projects to promote by then, such as Tales from Big Spirit, among others.

Daenerys is my wife’s favourite character on the Game of a Thrones TV show. Personally I like Tyrion and Arya. I’m listening to the audio book while working and I really like Bran’s story a lot. A great show and I can’t wait for April to come (if anything, to see an end to our own long winter without end…)


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