Tales from Big Spirit: Book Launch May 8, 2014

My work from the last year will at long last be available for everyone:

Tales from Big Spirit will have its book launch at McNally Robinson bookstore (in Winnipeg, MB) on May 8, 2014 at 7:00 pm.

All the details have yet to be sorted out, but I know I will be there, as will the author, David A Robertson. Hopefully I will get to meet the other two artists in that worked on the series, Wai Tien and Andrew Lodwick.

Tales from Big Spirit is a series of 6* full colour graphic novels. Each book will focus on a different aboriginal figure from Canadian history, as seen through the eyes of the kids from the Big Spirit Reservation.

I am super stoked about this series. As much as I enjoyed working on 7 Generations and Sugar Falls, I feel this series will be just as influential and important in the schools—perhaps more so! I also feel it has some of my best art to date (though I still find little things that I could improve on. I think this should be the case with every artist).

Keep your eyes open for these books in your local book store (or make a request for them!):

Tales from Big Spirit: the Scout, Tommy Prince


Tales from Big Spirit: the Ballad of Nancy April, Shawnadithit


Tales from Big Spirit: the Poet, E Pauline Johnson


More information (and pictures when I can) to come in the near future.

Please visit HighWater Press for additional information, ordering, to see other graphic novels by myself and David Robertson and the many other books available.

*Note: one book is still in production, so it may not be available by the time of the launch.

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