My Newest Graphic Novels: Tales from Big Spirit!

I started this a year ago, and the day has arrived:

Tales from Big Spirit: The Scout and The Ballad of Nancy April are now available!

You can order at Amazon

Or through the publisher, HighWater Press

Also available is The Rebel. I did not draw this book, but the artist, Andrew Lodwick, did a fantastic job.

Coming soon are The Poet, The Peacemaker and The Land of Os. The Peacemaker and the Land of Os are illustrated by yet another great artist, Wai Tien.

All of the books are written by David A Robertson.

Each book tells a different story about an Indigenous hero from Canadian history. Some are well known, other more obscure, but each has a different tale to tell and a unique voice and message.

Here follows a sample of my art* for The Scout: Sgt. Tommy Prince, the most decorated Aboriginal soldier in Canada.

*Each book is fully coloured, but I only have the line art.










Next up is The Ballad of Nancy April: Shawnadithit, the last remaining member of the Beothuk people of Newfoundland.









There will be a book launch for Tales from Big Spirit at McNally Robinson on May 8, 2014 at 7 pm

These were phenomenal books to illustrate. David is always a pleasure to work with and I think this series will be an excellent addition to any library.

More to follow!

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