World War II Soldiers and Tank

This piece I did as a donation in an auction for my wife’s curling league. At first I had been trying to think of something curling related, it is a league through a veteran’s legion as well, so the subject became easy to figure out. The legion is distinct as it features a Sherman tank in front of it. It was also natural to have a soldier in the scene, but as has been my thinking of late, I felt women should be represented as they participated and made their own sacrifices as well.

I may colour it at some later date, but this piece was an art donation and I’m not about to mess it up by playing with paint now. I had to redraw it once after I had drawn the woman with a monstrously large hand.


Next is an older drawing, but it was a sort of inspiration for the donation picture, as well I had uncovered a coloured WIP for it so I threw that together to have it showcased here as well. The original piece for this was also a donation as it happens: for our wedding social.




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