New Graphic Novel: Tales from Big Spirit, the Poet

Tales from Big Spirit is a new series of graphic novels. Each of the 6 books tells the story of a different First Nations hero from Canadian history. All 6 books were written by David A Robertson (7 Generations, Sugar Falls, The Life of Helen Betty Osborn), and each book is illustrated by one of three talented artists: Scott B Henderson, Andrew Lodwick and Wai Tien. The books are published by HighWater Press, an imprint of a Portage & Main Press and are available through the publisher, Amazon or book seller.

It was a pleasure to work with David again as he and I share a connection and work well together, despite that one ‘foot’ incident in 7 Generations, or the two times David forgot how to count. It’s refreshing to have a writer sing your praises but not be afraid to say “Scott, what’s up with that foot?! It’s creeping me out!” As a narcissist, I love the praise but I also get a bit suspicious when that’s all I hear.

I did the art for 3 of the six books: The Scout (Sgt. Tommy Prince), The Ballad of Nancy April (Shawnadithit) and The Poet (Pauline Johnson). I posted sample for Prince and Shawnadithit in a previous post, so today I have a sampling of Pauline Johnson, a poet during the late 1800’s who is trying to find her voice and her audience.

For those in Winnipeg, MB there will be a book launch for the books at McNally Robinson on May 8th at 7 pm.

Enjoy, comment and share









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