The book launch for the newest series of graphic novels by David A Robertson is just one week away.

Tales from Big Spirit is a six book series which tells the stories of the heroics, tragedies and aspirations of six First Nations heroes from Canadian history. Each 30 page book is in full colour and illustrated by one of three phenomenal Canadian artists.

The book launch will be at McNally Robinson on May 8th at 7 pm. Come meet the writer and artists, listen to their explanation of the process in creating these great educational graphic novels.

The books retail at $16.95 each.

Tales from Big Spirit is published by HighWater Press, an imprint of Portage & Main Press.

The Scout:: A search down a wooded path for a well-hit baseball turns into an encounter between Pamela and a veteran soldier standing in front of a monument. The statue commemorates the heroism of Sgt. Tommy Prince, the most decorated Aboriginal soldier in Canada. Pamela is curious, and the veteran is happy to regale her with the story of the expert marksman and tracker, renowned for his daring and bravery in World War II and the Korean War.

Illustrated by Scott B Henderson






The Ballad of Nancy April: When a mishap delays Jessie at the end of a school day, she takes a shortcut home. But the shortcut turns into an adventure, as Jessie is transported through time and space, to early 19th-century Newfoundland. There she meets Shawnadithit who, as the last surviving member of the Beothuk, has witnessed the end of a once-great people.

Illustrated by Scott B Henderson







The Poet: Although Kathy loves poetry, she is far too shy to recite it in front of her class. But the story of Pauline Johnson, renowned as the “Mohawk Princess” inspires Kathy to overcome her stage fright. Pauline, from the Grand River Reserve in Ontario, crisscrossed the country, reciting her poems to far-flung communities, making her among the most beloved literary figures of the Edwardian era.

Illustrated by Scott B Henderson







The Rebel</em>: For Tyrese, history class is the lowest point of his school day. That is, until his friend Levi reveals a secret – a secret that brings history alive, in the form of one Gabriel Dumont. Through Dumont, a great Métis leader of the Northwest Resistance, the boys experience a bison hunt, a skirmish with the Blackfoot, and an encounter with the great Louis Riel, and, ultimately, a great battle of the Northwest Resistance at Batoche, Saskatchewan.

Illustrated by Andrew Lodwick

The Peacemaker: When Cole’s teacher catches him drawing rather than listening in class, he gives Cole a special assignment: an oral presentation on an important Aboriginal figure. Cole will do almost anything to avoid speaking in public – even feigning illness. But when he hears the story of the remarkable woman known as Thanadelthur – peacemaker between the Cree and the Dene and interpreter for the governor of Fort York – he is so inspired by her bravery, he overcomes his own fears.

Illustrated by Wai Tien

The Land of Os</em>: When Richard’s class from Big Spirit School takes a canoe trip, he and his classmates chance upon an elderly woman. She tells them the story of her grandfather, John Ramsay, of the Sandy Bar community on Lake Winnipeg. Ramsay’s land was taken by the government and given to the new settlers from Iceland who arrived there in 1875. Yet many owed their survival to Ramsay, who helped them through freezing winters, hunger, and a devastating smallpox epidemic.

Illustrated by Wai Tien

Come one, come all, invite your friends!

Hope to see you there,


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