Brandy GN: KickStarter 9 Days Left!


Dang it! I meant to do this yesterday on day 10, but 9 is an awesome number if you’re into Norse fueled Numerology.


No, this Valkrie image has nothing to do with Brandy (unless I can sow how make it work, or there is a revision I’m not aware of).

However, the Graphic Novel for Brandy will be filled with bizarre imagery as a young girl navigates through a family history of alcoholism, beset on all sides from pressure press from friends, family and strangers with their own agendas.

The KickStarter for Brandy is so close to its goal, we can almost taste the pizza (for the celebratory party DeeDee and Lisa are having). It just need a few more generous souls to help it along.

Share with those you think might be interested in this work, lend your support if you can.

And here is some more preliminary work for Brandy so that I’m not just sharing the same thing over and over again.

Keep creative!


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