5 Days Left to the Brandy GN KickStarter


Wow!  5 days left in the Brandy KickStarter with only 3% left to get funded.  This is phenomenal!  So, the final push to reach the goal and make this graphic novel a reality (on a very real subject matter, but infused with numerous breaks from reality)

So, what is this graphic novel about?

One of Brandy’s earliest memories is of her drunken father and mother shouting and fighting.  Within a few short years her mother is gone, and the line between reality and delusions is becoming harder to discern. Brandy is swept up in a life style of substance abuse, started by her father and perpetuated by her brother Damen and friend Janie.  Brandy has one light to fix herself on in her dark tailspin, but will she be able to keep her sights on it or let history pull her deeper down?

5 sample pages that I did for DeeDee and Lisa:






This project helps to fill a void in the comic world, addressing the issues of alcoholism.  Comics are being recognized as learning tool and not just cheap escapist entertainment.  Diversity, the spice of life, is wriggling its way into the comic genre, offering something for everyone.  Brandy might just be that one graphic novel that helps those people dealing with alcoholism; either themselves or someone close to them.

Lend your support to this worthy addition to the ever expanding comic library, or just share it with those that might be interested too.

The KickStarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brandygraphicnovel/brandy

Many thanks to those that have  already donated and to those that have shared.

Keep creative!


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