Brandy KickStarter Funded

The KickStarter for the Brandy graphic novel reached it’s goal last Thursday. Since then it has continued to draw a few additional supporters. The cut off for the KickStarter is this Wednesday, at 6:30 AM CDT (so, a little less than 36 hours left).

First off, a huge thank you to all the people that did back the project. A second thank you to all the people that shared the project (whether you backed it or not). I know it means a lot to DeeDee and Lisa, and I am looking forward to starting on this book. The book is approximately 48 pages long, which would take me about three months to draw if it was the only book I was working on. I’ve had three different GN’s on the back burner since last year and they are all moving forward at the same time (more or less). Feast or famine for the freelance artist, and it’s about time for some serious feasting!

Previously I made a comparison of the surreal nature of Brandy’s story with the movie, Trainspotting. When I work I have a tendency to put music or movies on in the background to inspire me—they have to be movies that aren’t too distracting though, so usually it ends up being movies that I I’ve seen dozens of times (and in some cases a dozen is a very, very low estimate…). I popped Trainspottting in for the first time in a few of years. It is still one of my favourite movies, my favourite soundtrack, and a few of the scenes still disturb me to this day. Brandy isn’t quite as graphic or dark as Trainspotting, but the abrupt shifts in reality will be fun to realize on paper.

Again, a big thank you to all of the backers and those that supported the project by sharing with others (potential backers). Keep the love going around for another 32 hours (or so). Share, there’ still time to jump on and be a witness to this intriguing graphic novel.





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