The Chronicles of Era Indiegogo Contest!

This is your chance to win some cool original art from The Chronicles of Era!

I’m going to run a Referral Contest.

I’m stoked about the support I’ve received for my graphic novel campaign, but I need to keep it going.  I want to reach out to more people, and let as many people as possible get a copy of my fantasy graphic novel.

So, I’m offering original Era art to the person that can get me the highest number of referrals!  The winner will receive an original black and white line art image depicting one of the characters from Era (8.5×11).

How the referral contest works: in my Dashboard I can see who has had referrals, as well as how many of those referrals also contributed.  While contributions are my ultimate goal, this contest will be just for referrals.  For a contributor to count as a referrer, they must promote the campaign with Indiegogo’s share tools while logged into their Indiegogo account. This is important because otherwise, their unique ID won’t be attached to any resulting contributions or visits.

Here is the campaign:

The Chronicles of Era Indiegogo Campaign ends November 6 (just before midnight PT).

Some art sketches that I’ve done in the past that could be similar to the winner’s prize:

caitleth rannok(b) sarah vercentez


Thank you again for your continued support!

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