Indiegogo and Central Canada Comic Con (C4)

The Central Canada Comic Con (C4) is fast approaching!

It’s been about four years since I last attended and I’m looking forward to it. In my absence I’ve had lots if time to build up material to promote (Read: Sell) for the con. More than I’ve ever had. So let’s have a peak at what I will have to offer at my table:


The Chronicles of Era is my first official publication of my own work (I’ve done little previews and ashcans and what not, but this new work will have an ISBN and once I can get myself settled, I will see about other options for promotion and selling it). This is a project of passion that I’ve been working on for over a decade.

It’s a fantastic world filled with steampunk cyborg knights, prophets, wild priestesses, budding rebellions against a superior, colonial empire and the clash of cultures.

Era will be available in both physical and digital formats, as well as posters, cards and other items (many of which I can add a sketch to 😉


If you can’t make it to C4 then there is always supporting the Indiegogo campaign that is happening right now. Just over a week left!

Tales from Big Spirit

This is the next most recent publication from HighWater Press and writer, David A Robertson. Each book is a self contained story about different First Nations people from Canadian history. I illustrated The Scout (Sgt. Tommy Prince), The Ballad of Nancy April (Shawnadithit) and The Poet (Pauline Johnson). I will have copies of book drawn by the other artists, Wai Tien (The Peacekeeper and Land of Os) and Andrew Lodwick (The Rebel).





7 Generations


My first published work through HighWater Press and working with David A Robertson. 7 Generations was nominated for Best Illustrated Book in the 2013 Manotoba Book Awards. The individual chapters (black&white) and the coloured Omnibus will be available.

Sugar Falls


Based on the real experiences of a woman who went through the Residential School System. Written by David Robertson (again. Are we detecting a pattern?)

So, that’s C4. I will be in Artist Alley surrounded by some amazing artists and writers. In my block alone, I have Lovern Kindzierski and Chris Chuckry who are renowned colourists; Greg Chomichuk, who’s enthusiasm for comics is infectious; and Chadwick Ginther, who I’ve done a couple commissions for and am a fan of his Norse Mythology infused Thunder Road Trilogy. Nyco Rudolph’s gritty, Noire style art, Scott A Ford’s graphicly savvy Romulus+Remus, Jeremy Scott’s paintings and guest artist Doug Weatley make for a fantastic and diverse show (sorry if I missed anyone, it really is a jam packed con!). Then there are the retailers, shows, Dwarves, TV stars, Cos Players and who knows what else. If you can make the con I recommend it. It’s getting bigger each year!

Hope to see you there* and keep creative!


*my table 324

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