The Chronicles of Era Indiegogo: T Minus 7 days…

7 days left.

What?! You thought you still had time?

Well, the Doom’s Day Clock’s ticking!

…uh…I mean…7 days left to the Chronicles of Era crowdfunding campaign.

Oh, I know the procrastinator types (I’m one of them)…7 days is a week away. But 7 days is suddenly 6, then 5 and before you know it, you look it up and…oops! It’s over! Ka-BOOM! goes the Doom’s Day device….er….no, that not right…


To refresh:

The Chronicles of Era: Whispers of Redemption Book 1 is the first book in my fantasy graphic novel series. Moulded and inspired by other epic fantasy and science fiction works, the story introduces Seth, Sidrich and Caitleth, three youths who are caught between a colonial empire and a rebellion on the fringes of civilization.

Meanwhile secret agents are maneuvering to awaken the old gods in a bid to return to a long lost paradise.


The graphic novel is 104 pages of black and white line art, with 3 coloured chapter breaks. There are various perks where you can get prints, digital copies of the book and original art.



There is a Referral Contest for the campaign: using the share tools on Indiegogo, spread the word to friends, family and people that would be interested and you could win some original art from Era.

Visit the Facebook page for the latest updates.

Thank you to all who have shared and contributed!

Keep creative!

Tic tock tic tock…


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