The Chronicles of Era: 4 Days Left to the Campaign!

Hey, you! Yeah you!
Times ticking and <em>The Chronicles of Era Indiegogo Campaign is nearly over. It still has a little ways to go, so what are you waiting for?

It’s not just a snazzy, limited run, original graphic novel. You can get original art with it too. After it’s printed, sure you might find a copy at a store, but to have it signed, with a drawing inside and on the back of the postcard, or to request an original art piece? It’s customized to you. It’s original. You won’t find that anywhere easily. These perks are in many ways as limited if not more so than the book itself!

Only 4 days left!

Even to a procrastinator like myself that isn’t very much time!

Here, I’ll help a little. I’ve been going easy on some of you. I’m the master of second chances and benefit of doubt, but I’m going to cross that line and start giving some more nudges to those that might need it.

I know yore busy with work. With kids. With chores. With school. With life.

It just takes a few minutes. It’s easy. Check it out now before the next distraction comes charging in and knocks your papers across the room like a pernicious toddler with a need to take a stranglehold of your time.

And spread the word too. There’s a contest. Use the share tools in Indiegogo and you could win more awesome original art.

I want to send a huge thanks to all of the people that have contributed thus far: Angela, Dad, Mom, Mardelle, GMB, Chadwick, Heather, Bonnie, Nick, Robert, Yanick, Scott, Nico, Jerry, Graham, Wai, Jeff & Jeff, Keith, Joris, Richard & Richard, Ashleigh, those that were anonymous, or that I only just met today at C4. Your support, contributions and sharing is massively and deeply appreciated. Thank you!

Share and keep creative!


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And The Facebook site, just so you can keep up to date.

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