Procrastinators! Final Warning on Era Indiegogo!

I don’t make much of a big deal over birthdays lately. Spend time with my wife—who has been immensely supportive lately; just putting that out there—time with the family, maybe play some poker, have a few fruity drinks. I also don’t get much for gifts anymore either, which is fine. I try to have less clutter (unless it’s Lego—especially Star Wars Lego—then, clutter me up).


…Today, if anyone were to ask, I might simply say: “Visit my Chronicles of Era Indiegogo campaign and check it out.”


It’s not even, entirely, for me. You get to read the beginning of my epic fantasy graphic novel, look at some swell art, and hopefully be hooked for the lang haul. I try to wrestle with the questions of humanity and it’s relationship to technology, the conflict of cultures and I throw in some gigantic steampunk robots, cyborg samurai Beefeater knights, all wrapped in a fantastic adventure.

The Premiss:
“Mankind had a vision: to create a city fit for gods. Illam the One created a paradise and mankind lived there for 2000 years, until The Adversary destroyed the greatest city and returned mankind to a harsh and brutal world. Civilization was rebuilt, but their great achievements were reduce to myths and legends. Hundreds of years later, three youths—Seth, Sidrich and Caitleth—are caught between the escalating conflicts of the Imperium and rebellious factions along the edge of civilization.”
“All the while, secret agents are seeking to awaken the old gods and to return mankind to paradise. But, are they risking a even greater catastrophe?”





While I can’t say, “If you love __________, then you’ll love Era,” I can say what I love and what influenced the creation of The Chronicles of Era.

Things I love that influenced the creation of the epic world of Era:

Dune, Frank Herbert
Memory, Sorrow, Thorn Trilogy by Tad Williams
Corum, by Michael Moorcock
Ishmael and Story of B, by Daniel Quinn
Joseph Campbell (comparative mythology)
Michael Whelan (artist)
Tolkien’s Ring, by David Day, illustrated by Alan Lee
Princess Mononoke
Iron Giant
Star Wars
(in particular the movies)
And a slew of other things, bits and pieces of various movies, TV shows, RPG art, comics and books too numerous for me mention or even remember at this point.

The campaign ends TODAY AT 11:59 PM (Pacific time).

You can also keep up to date with Era at its Facebook Page.

Thank you for your support and your time.

Keep creative!


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