The Chronicles of Era: Picking Up Where I Left Off

As mentioned before, I had hit a road block when I last worked on The Chronicles of Era.  I wasn’t happy with the layout, I couldn’t get the page to look right.  After awhile, I had sort of lost touch with the things that inspired me to work on Era, pages and details started to feel…meh!  Work like 7 Generations and Tales from Big Spirit came around, and then there was weddings and family, and moving dates.

Then, I started to work with a few other creators in a documentary, and the questions often came back to Era.  The bug was put back in my head.  I started to pick things up where I left off, lettering the first 3 chapters that I had drawn out, created a new cover image and got it to print just in time for this year’s C4.  Just working on lettering re-invigorated me and the mythic and sprawling world of Era.  I didn’t care for it before, but I’ve since found a new appreciation for Pinterest.  I used to be inspired by National Geographics, and wandering through book stores and libraries looking a pictures, and these in turn made me want to create things with the look and textures I was looking at, and the cultures I was learning about.  I lost touch with that sense of discovery, but Pinterest has allowed me to start discovering again and gives me a means to store and catalogue what I find (a problem with years worth of National Geographics sitting on shelves and in closets).

I still have to work on projects.  These projects keep a roof over my head, and I love working on these projects and working with amazing writers and publishers.  But there is something about a project all of my own design.  So, while I can’t dedicate too much time to it, I am aiming to carve out little morsels, to keep this firing going for Era.

I finally worked through my creative block.  I am happy with the way this page has turned out, and I look forward to picking away at the next page, and the next and the next.  It will likely take more than a year to finish off this story arc, but bit by bit, it will be done.

I won’t always post each page I work on…how would a sell the next book then 😉 but I do want to share the first page in a long time:


You can keep up to date with The Chronicles of Era also at its Facebook Page

Keep Creative!




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