Reading List

It takes me a long time to get through any books.
These days, I’m easily distracted.
And I don’t read at night like I used to. Now I work late, sleep, get up and work again (work being drawing, so not work work).
But recently I’ve built up a collection of books that I plan on pick away at. Some I’ve already cleared off, but like a Hydra, for each one that I finish another two (minimum) takes its place.

First, the ones I’ve actually read:

A Simple Twist of Fate
By Chadwick Ginther
I picked up this short story at C4. I’ve really enjoyed Chadwick’s modern take on Norse Mythology and I’m really looking forward to the final book in his Thunder Road Trilogy (out in 2015). This story takes place after the events in Tombstone Blues. It was a quick read, which had some great illustrations by Kevin Madison. My only complaint is that the story ended so quickly, but this could be just me wanting more.

By Alison Tieman
Alison approached me at C4 and we each gave a pitch of our respective works and decided to do a book swap. It was described as being like Romeo and Juliet, but not just a rivalry between two families, but a struggle between nations.

Partially read or unread:

Picked up these 3 books when I was at my local comic shop a few weeks ago (Comics America)—I was also curious as to how my own book, The Chronicles of Era, was doing.

Friend and awesome writer, Richard Van Camp, recommended Wolf Moon. The black and white art that was shown on a preview was simple and beautiful. I actually prefer it black and white and not coloured.

Tooth and Claw was a spontaneous choice. I had not heard of it. But I do gravitate towards fantasy art, so a bunch of anthropomorphic animals with magic and some pretty sweet art made me curious enough to spend what little money I have. Only just started picking away at it, but so far really interesting.

And lastly, these 2 books were gifted to me by Richard Van Camp (with the number of comics he keeps recommending and gifting, I may have to refer to him as my go to comic dealer). The Walking Dead is, well, awesome, though I don’t have a clue as to what is going on in the comics lately.

I’ve heard good things about Wytches.

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy holiday.

Keep creative!


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