Artists by Night at the Park Theatre


For those Winnipeggers who don’t have MTS and couldn’t make it to the Gimli Film Festival this past summer your opportunity to see the documentary “Artists by Night” is approaching fast.

On January 25th, “Artists by Night” will be showing at The Park Theatre on Osborne street, 7 pm.

You can view one of the trailers here.

Film synopsis: Many young boys love comics. Some of these boys have a talent for drawing and dream they can someday become comic book artists. But they grow up and have bills to pay, a family to support and suddenly the dream of becoming a comic book artist seems impossible to most. But not for Winnipeg comic book artists David A Robertson, Scott Henderson and GMB Chomichuk, three men from Manitoba who have never lost the dream.

Tickets are $10.

We’ll have our respective books for sale at the theatre as well. So, if you haven’t been able to get your hands on Raygun Gothic, Cassie and Tonk, Tales from Big Spirit, 7 Generations or The Chronicles of Era (or get them signed), then here is your chance!

Keep creative!


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