5 Day Art Challenge: Day 1

There’s been this thing going around Facebook–maybe elsewhere, but FB is all that I lurk around–called the 5 Day art challenge. When someone is nominated they post three art pieces a day, for five days, and then nominate another artist.  I have a crap load of work, so I’m probably going to post more than just 3 art pieces, just so you know.

Nyco Rudolph (who is one badass, classy as fuck, art maker, btw)​ nominated me for the 5 Day Art Challenge. I’m often posting new stuff, so let’s see some older (maybe embarrassing) art from days gone by.

Here follows a few pages from my Thesis Project in my final year for Fine Arts at the UofM (circa 2000-2001). This series is called “Passages” and I have no idea why I called it that. Maybe I just wanted it to sound vague and mysterious. To add to the mystery it is a story about a modern day sorcerer as he bumbles around in a convoluted story, pining away for a woman of his dreams while sleeping around with some harlot who will probably steal his magic. Something, something fallen angels and random magic, myths and symbolism.

This story was collected into a 90’ish page book, printed at two different businesses, then hand trimmed and glued.  I only did this like 10 times.  There were more, but…meh…I moved onto other things when I graduated.

Fun Fact: I had actually planned to work on a story from the Chronicles of Era (then known as….I dunno…maybe “The Books of Era”… maybe something equally vague and cryptic).  I had one critique and things were moving smoothly.  Then I abruptly changed, didn’t tell my profs and they were like “uh, what happened to the other story?”  In the end I think it worked out…I graduated at least.  Six years of university, a couple ruthless profs that know their stuff and aren’t the least bit afraid of calling bullshit on you, leads you to getting a little bit better and refine your weird ideas.


Observe the atrocious hand lettering; the wonky  weird perspective; the cryptic metaphysical musings of a university student.

20130701-071506.jpg20130701-071523.jpg20130701-071542.jpg20130701-071555.jpg20130701-071608.jpg20130701-071640.jpg 20130701-071649.jpg      20130701-071354.jpg20130701-071418.jpg20130701-071714.jpg
I read up a lot on Angels and the Watchers and one day I will return to this story and hopefully do it right.
While in this world I am most influenced my Mike Mignola, Dave McKean, Neil Gaiman.
For Round 1, I nominate Greg Waller​ to post some of his art (let the cursing of my bloodline begin, bwahahahaha)

3 thoughts on “5 Day Art Challenge: Day 1

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