5 Day Art Challenge: Day 3

Day 3 of the Art Challenge we’ll be going a bit further back to circa 1998 when I was developing the art for a science fiction role playing game with some friends. The game was taping into something of a void (at the time) of a SCIFI version of ‘cops and robbers’. There were exo-suits, robots, cyborgs, decrepit execs tapped into a neural network, genetic splicing and mutants, and metaphysical energy conglomerates.

At the time, Travis Charest had started to do his painted covers and he was becoming a huge influence.

It was fun to develop, but I had to step away when I entered my final year of Fine Arts.


At first I was just going to show this RPG concept art, then I thought, “What the hell, let’s show some other concept art.”  Here, we have Magnitude, a super hero series created by local boy, Greg Waller.  I worked with Greg flatting….interesting comics, mostly at Avatar Press (Clarification: I was the flatter, Greg was fully qualified ;).  Then we wanted to work on our own stuff.  I was, as usual, waffling on what to do–Era? Passages? Scrapbots?  Greg had some awesome ideas in the superhero genre, so I picked away at his universe.


I think this ended up being my first comic cover published (Fun Fact: the legendary John Byrne did a guest cover for the first issue):


What to do for day 4….?

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