5 Day Art Challenge: Day 5

Last day! So today I show some new work. I am currently working on 3 projects at once (in addition to anything of my own that I work in the side). I guess when I was in a rough spot last year, begging and hunting for work , I should have stipulated to space it out more. But, it’s all good. I’m super busy and the projects that I have now and will be working on in the near future, are all awesome–Canadian History, social movements, Treaties, Yakuza and steampunk robots, to name a few things. As these are works in progress I won’t have as many images (and one project I have to keep under wraps for now).

This is a re-telling of David A Robertson‘s first graphic novel. The book recounts the tragic events of Betty in 1971, while tying it with movements like Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. The book has been drawn, now all that is left is shading and lettering. It will be published by HighWater Press later this year.

Betty: the Life of Hellen Betty Osborne



This graphic novel is funded by a successful KickStarter campaign. It deals with alcoholism (and other addictions) as experienced by a very imaginative girl.



The Chronicles of Era: Book 2


Last is my own pet project The Chronicles of Era. The first 3 chapters were collected and printed last November, premiering at Central Canada Comic Con, and later at the Winnipeg premiere of the comic creator documentary Artists by Night. As this is a personal project it has to be done in the side, carving out 1/2 and hour here and there to pick away at it.
There may be a noticeable change in the art; I had started the fourth chapter a few years ago, so some of the art will be what I was doing years ago next to art that may have changed or grown since. The changes may be subtle. It’s not going to be like realistic to cartoon to hyper realistic to abstract. But from the time that I started Era those many years ago (even compared to the work I did in 7 Generations a few years ago), I’ve noticed that I like to render more, add more hatching, as well as use reference even more (this reference is even earlier now with my iPad Air and sites like Pinterest).
A little bit of progress has been made (as well as exploring options to sell more books), so here is a glimpse:




A Look Ahead

And because I ever so slightly mentioned it above, here is a glimpse of what I will be working on in the near future.  This will based on a graphic novel script by Richard Van Camp.



The 5 Day Challenge was fun. I hope everyone enjoyed the variety of art I posted.

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