Where Can I Buy “The Chronicles of Era”?


The Chronicles of Era is still on the board.  I have a tendency to flit in and out of the spot light.  I’m usually out because I’ve got my nose to the grindstone on some project or two (or three in this case).

For those in Winnipeg or for those that wish to order online, The Chronicles of Era: Book 1 is now available at McNally Robinson bookseller. (Located in Genral Fiction area of Graphic Novels).


 This is super exciting!  I love going to McNally.  Many of the book launches for other projects I have worked on have been held at McNally and the people there have always been very supportive and helpful.

There are still a couple of copies available at Comics America.  Joe has also been very supportive and has had informative suggestions and input in this fledgeling self-publishing adventure I am on. 

 Era is still also available in person at any events I may be attending.  The next convention I have signed on to is Keycon, Winnipeg’s premiere science fiction and fantasy literature convention (May 15-17, 2015).

I plan on attending C4 again this year, though I have yet to firm that up.  I look forward to seeing all the usual suspects there, and I hope to bring along a new face to the con.  More on that soon! 

 Era will be added to more venues, but for now I must return to my work.

One of my next projects I’ve been illustrating Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story, written by David A. Robertson, published by HighWater Press.  A sneak peak of the cover (a Work in Progress):




And you can always check out the documentary Artists by Night (currently on MTS OnDemand–other venues in the future as they come up). 

Keep Creative!




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