Throw Back Thursdays 2 #tbt

So, my last post was a catchup on some #tbt’s I had done for The Chronicles of Era. Let’s throw a few more out there, and a couple of WIPs for what I’m working on now.

The Adventures of Arella

Arella on the Run

Arella is the heroine from Caitleth’s favourite stories. The fables of Arella are from the time of the Skill War, when the Independent Colonies were at war with one another, fighting for the last remnants of magical artifacts. The survivors from the disastrous collapse of a paradise civilization were just starting to put their lives back together, on the cusp of a new classical age.  The warlords of Attis Prime coveted the powerful artifacts, Skills, of its neighbours.  They saw the other colonies as weak, unable to use the dwindling power of the old gods.  They made war to reclaim the former glory of the Gifted Ones.

Arella makes a brief appearance in the second chapter of The Chronicles of Era: Book 1. 

The Lord Marshall of Terraxis, ally of Attis Prime who started the Skill War.

And for something new…

Just a little desk shot of the last page of Era I’ve been working on. Picking away at it in between projects.  Normally Seth is pretty calm and pensive, but something (or someone) is pissing him off here….

You can also keep up to date with Era news at its Facebook Page: The Chronicles of Era Facebook.

Keep creative!

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