Keycon 2015


I will be at Keycon this weekend (May 15-16, 2015), peddling my wares.

It is at the Radisson Hotel, Winnipeg. (I’m glad I started to write this post, as I would’ve ended up at the wrong hotel).

I’ve never been to Keycon before, but whenever I saw posters and other ads for it, I always wanted to go.  A convention just about Fantasy and Science fiction? Yes, please! There are a ton of different events, programs and workshops: from making costumes, masquerades, writing discussions, movies, Vikings, gaming…the list goes on.

Keycon Schedule

I will be in the Dealer Room, with my Chronicles of Era graphic novel.


Era is about three youths–Seth, Sidrich and Caitleth–who are thrust between the escalating conflict of the Illiam Imperium and the rural Joshians, who want nothing to do with the conflicts of the Imperium.  Missionaries have been dispatched to help integrate the wayward Joshian Nation back into the Imperium, and a band of rebels have formed to fight back. Meanwhile, a legendary knight searches for lost relics that may be the key to redeeming humanity.

The Chronicles of Era: Book 1 is 104 pages, black and white line art, with 3 full colour chapter breaks.  $25.

For those that come to Keycon with less interest in Scifi and Fantasy (maybe escorting someone or compelled to tag along), I will also have other comics I have worked on with HighWater Press: 7 Generations, Sugar Falls, Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story, and Tales from Big Spirit.  These books, geared for a variety of age groups, are filled with Canadian content, history, and deal with present day issues.


I also know Chadwick Ginther will be there.  I’ve done a couple commissions for his Thunder Road trilogy.  Gods and monsters from Viking myth running rampant through the streets of Winnipeg and across the province of Manitoba (and a little bit of Alberta).  He will have a reading and is taking part in a few other sessions.


Come out, say hello.  It looks like it will be a spectacular show.

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