Keycon: The Results Are In!


Went to my first Keycon this past weekend.  I had never been, even as a spectator, but always wanted to check it out.  It is a bit smaller than conventions that I’ve been to, like C4, but it was a great show.  Saturday was the busiest day, while the dismal weather on Sunday probably kept people away (I had heard that in the past Sunday was sometimes busier than Saturday).


As it was a science fiction/fantasy convention, I had gone there with the intention of showcasing my own graphic novel, The Chronicles of Era: Book 1.  I was also there to represent myself, as an illustrator, so about a third of the table was dedicated to my other published works with HighWater Press.  As it turns out, I had once again underestimated the popularity of particular books from HighWater, in particular, Sgt. Tommy Prince.  There was also a fair bit of interest in the newest book, Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story, which only came out a few weeks ago.  Both Prince and Betty are stories of people from Manitoba, who had lives that were notable and tragic.


Sunday was unfortunately a very, very slow day.  The weather warnings of rain, wind and snow (!) probably kept people indoors and not wanting to venture out.  So I whittled my time by prepping sketches on the backs of my Era Thank You cards and chatting with the other vendors and authors in my vicinity.  Great people, creative, and we all got a little something from each other while at the convention.

Sketches I did (steampunk and robots (especially steampunk robots) being the most popular).  All from my own book, but sometimes from events in future stories:

10985445_913887208677815_3261190414482808075_n10154914_914600128606523_3970780356105807521_n11167854_913940328672503_5783318308506712664_n   11250993_914600141939855_5184655165034376918_n10957133_913940358672500_4423269142930478845_n 11167851_914447758621760_7789083845642266712_n 11265254_913887238677812_6573690831435476216_n 19694_913940378672498_889842387265794404_n11224879_914447791955090_3035156870768939147_n 1506777_913887222011147_9157390238478882184_n


Just wanted to say thank you to the Keycon staff and volunteers for putting on such a great show.  I am limited in which shows I attend, but Keycon is definitely on my list to visit again in the following years!

Also, a big thank you and shout out to my wife, as she had to (more or less) singlehandedly care  for a pre-schooler and a toddler for 3 days straight (including bedtime routines).  Anyone with kids will hopefully understand the challenges of caring for, redirecting, distracting and entertaining one child, let alone two.  Thankfully, the kids were exceptionally well behaved this weekend.  Regardless, I owe her big time.

Keep creative!


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