New Gallery: Helen Betty Osborne

My newest gallery is up, this one dedicated to the latest graphic novel by David Alexander Robertson and myself: Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story

Betty has been out for a few months now. It had its book launch at McNally Robinson on May 12, where it held a top seller spot for 2 weeks. 

Then, it rose up again to a top selling spot on July 5th. 

The launch was in conjunction with the release of the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission’s report on Residential schools, it’s effects, and a significant list of recommendations to implement in many facets society; from top to bottom. It was an emotional night. Many had high hopes for what the TRC report meant for the future of Indigenous People and Non-Indigenous People. Betty’s story tapped into that. As David said, “Helen Betty Osborne’s story is timeless—and it shouldn’t be.” (From to David’s article in CBCNEWS)

Betty was a young woman from northern Manitoba with a dream to be a teacher. She had struggled her way, studying hard, her dedication leading her to The Pas. It was in the early hours of November 13th when it all changed. It wasn’t until over a decade later that the truth about what happened to Betty came out; years went by that covered up the racism and sexism behind the tragedy. And it is many years later and little has changed. 

But, there is hope. The TRC report has dug deep, providing testimonies and evidence, but also recommendations for how to move forward. There are more and more resources for education. Now, Betty’s story can once again broach these topics and create a dialogue to foster change. 

Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story is published by HighWater Press, and is available through the publisher’s website, and book sellers. 


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