The Chronicles of Era: Escalating Conflict

Chapter 4 of The Chronicles of Era was finished the other month. Huzzah!


Chapter 5 has been started—it is a fair bit longer than I expected, as in it’s now Chapter 5 and 6 (with an Epilogue)!

The conflict between Joshian Nation and the Illiam Imperium escalates, Seth learns a bit of the nature of his visions, and Caitleth is forced to make a decision in her role of the assimilation of the Joshian Nation. If there were any feelings of a lack of excitement or conflict in the first book there will be no shortage in Book 2!

A WIP snap shot from Chapter 5:


The plan is still the same: have Book 2 printed and ready for C4 2016. There will be an Indiegogo campaign in the new year to assist, and I am going to try to have a little something for C4 this year, a sample or preview.

The Chronicles of Era: Book 1 is available at McNally Robinson (Winnipeg), and Comics America, as well as it was added to ComiXology: check it here.  Keep up to date on the Chronicle of Era Facebook Page and the gallery here on WordPress.

Keep creative!


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