Updated Sneak Peek of Chronicles of Era: Book 2

I had posted this penciled panel from Chapter 5 earlier.  Here it is updated, now inked.  This page took a lot longer than I had expected. So many fine details!

The story thus far (Book 1 available on ComiXology, by the way…):

The Illiam Imperium has been expending outwards, into the territories of the Joshian Nation.  The Joshians had retreated from the Imperium centuries before to escape the war and bloodshed that had ensued during the Skill War.  They find themselves now being drawn back into the Illiam, their culture and ways being assimilated and oppressed; The Order of Fallen and Lost are righteous in their mission to maintain humanity on the path to redemption.  A few Joshian rebels have splinted off to resist the Imperium, but their guerrilla attempts may not be enough against the full weight of the Imperium and its forces.



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