Blanket of Butterflies GN Sneak Peek

Each page that has this venerable lady on it is a joy to draw.  Such character and history etched into her face.


A Blanket of Butterflies is written by Richard Van Camp, and due this October from HighWater Press.

2 thoughts on “Blanket of Butterflies GN Sneak Peek

  1. Hi Scott,
    I love your work. Your illustrations are stunning on their own and they give the stories life and meaning. Everything I’ve seen just leaves me shaking my head because it is so wonderful. Thank you.

    I have a personal question though: are you of First Nation, Métis or Inuit ancestry? I ask because I teach illustration at a high school and I try to use indigenous content wherever possible . I know that many of the stories you illustrate are by First Nations authors but I don’t know if I can say Scott B. Henderson is a wonderful contemporary First Nations artist.


    • Hi Jan,

      Thank you for the very kind words about my art. It has been a privilege and an honour to work with the people I have. I love hearing and seeing people reading our graphic novels and how well they’re being received.

      I am not First Nations, Inuit or Métis; Scottish/English ancestry somewhere back there. The likes of David Robertson and Richard Van Camp (among many others) will be the ones to illuminate the world with their contemporary indigenous voices, while I will simply help them in any way that I can, and with what I do best.

      If there are ever any other questions, please feel free to ask. Good luck in the new school year!




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