Comic Convention Around the Corner and Other Updates


Winnipeg’s biggest comic convention, The Central Canada Comic Con (c4), is one week away.

Prep for this con has been going more smoothly than ever before.  I am a week ahead for printing, I have my float, and much of my product is gathered, if not packed.

I may have to consider getting 2 tables after this year, as it’s getting full.  This year I have 2 new graphic novels to promote, as well as a little ashcan to promote the next instalment of The Chronicles of Era.

Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story

Written by David Alexander Robertson.

Illustrated by Scott B Henderson.

Published by HighWater Press.


Based on a true story,Helen Betty Osborne was a Cree woman from northern Manitoba who had dreams of becoming a teacher.  Her hopes and ambitions unfold in this 30 page graphic novel, before the tragic events of November 13, 1971, altered everything.


A Blanket of Butterflies

Written by Richard Van Camp

Illustrated by Scott B Henderson

Published by HighWater Press


A Blanket of Butterflies explores the journey of Shinobu, a mysterious stranger who visits Fort Smith, NWT, to retrieve his family’s samurai suit of armor and sword from the local museum. When he discovers that his grandfather’s sword has been lost in a poker game to the man they call “Benny the Bank,” he sets out to retrieve it with the help of a young boy, Sonny, and his grandmother. Together, they face Benny and his men, Torchy, Sfen and the giant known as Flinch, and come to an unexpected realization.

A Blanket of Butterflies is the fourth title in The Debwe Series.

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The Chronicles of Era: Book 2 Preview

Written and Illustrated by Scott B Henderson



The Chronicles of Era: Whispers of Redemption Book 1 was published just in time for C4 last year (I picked up the books on the way to the con).  It was successfully funded by an Indiegogo campaign, and I have so far received positive feedback.  It is slowly making its way into comic and book stores, but I still sell a lot personally.  TCOE: Book 2 is slated to be completed for C4 next year, so I thought to put together a mini book to give readers a taste of what is to come.  The ashcan preview is 16 pages long, with a 13 page excerpt from Chapter 4.  2 New images coloured by the amazing Greg Waller.

TCOE: Book 2 Preview takes place shortly after the events in Book 1.  The Illiam Imperium’s campaign to bring the last of the wayward Joshian Nation back within its folds comes to a close.  Since Seth’s last episode he has be forced to take on a new role: The Wild Seer.  The friction between the Illiam and the Joshians intensifies–a slow boil that is about to rupture.

This is a limited edition preview.  There are only 100 copies, numbered, and when they’re gone, they are gone! Plus, there is a bonus inside each one.


Additional Books

I will have all of the books that I’ve had in the past.  More in fact, as I’ve learned to not underestimate the popularity of certain titles.  I will continue to provide signatures to any book sold (that I worked on)–no charge.  If you don’t mind waiting, I will provide a little sketch on a card or inside the book.

(Featured below: 7 Generations: A Plains Cree SagaSugar FallsThe Chronicles of Era: Book 1Tales from Big Spirit: The Scout (Sgt. Tommy Prince)The Ballad of Nancy April (Shawnadithit)The Poet (Pauline Johnson)Thunder Road (Commission work for author Chadwick Ginther–keep your eyes peeled for the new art for the final book in his Thunder Road TrilogyToo Far Gone!)


It’s Hip to be Square

That’s a lot of impressive products!  Fantastically written works by Canadian authors; books for young and old; books for those who like Canadian, Indigenous history, or those that want to escape into a far away world.

Logo - SquareUp

The joys of technology are with us, and you don’t have to limit yourself.  I have joined the growing number of people that have SquaredUp: don’t worry about carrying wads of cash, just pull out your plastic and buy as much as you want.  But seriously, the Square App and reader are amazing.  Even if you don’t pay by credit card, its great for tracking your purchases, you can send receipts and everything.

End Plug.

But it is awesome.

So come say hi, flip through books, buy some prints and comics, and most importantly have a glorious time at Central Canada Comic Con, running October 30-November 1, 2015 at the RBC Convention Centre, Winnipeg, MB. I will be at table 704, side by side with my good friend, and amazeballs colourist, Greg Waller.

GMB Chomichuk says it best:

“Join the fight: Make Comics!”



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