Thunder Road: Too Far Gone Commission

Winnipeg author, Chadwick Ginther, posted his C4 Roundup today, where he showed off the latest addition to his Thunder Road trilogy commissions. 

While there were many exciting and challenging scenes to pull from his latest novel (which I regrettably have yet to finish), I was most strongly drawn to one which embodies the climatic showdown between Ted and his ever present nemesis, Surtur.

Chadwick’s Thunder Road trilogy (Thunder Road, Tombstone Blues, and Too Far Gone) weave the monstrous and fantastic elements of Norse mythology into a modern world epic that largely takes place in Manitoba (though events start and finish in Alberta). The books have a great, kinetic flow to them, with scenes that are visually evocative.

I look forward to more inspirational writing from Chadwixk, whether from his Thunder Road universe, or something new. 

Mosey on over to his own blog site to get all of the details from this years Central Canada Comic Con (C4).

Here are the previous two commissions for Thunder Road: 


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