Indiegogo Campaign: Book 2 of Era

The latest crowdfunding campaign for The Chronicles of Era went live today! 

The next installment will be a 118 page, black and white graphic novel, broken up by 4 coloured chapter breaks. There will be a revised map, and if the stretch goals are reached, 4 variant covers by some amazing local talent whom I admire: Greg Waller, Scott A Ford, Nyco Rudolph, and GMB Chomichuk. There are perks for return supporters and for first timers: Books 1 & 2, digital copies, post cards, prints, slip cases, original art and behind the scene peeks. 

The Chronicles of Era: Book 2 picks up where Book 1 left off: Seth recovers in Lyllyth’s House of Healing, learning a little about the mysterious origins of his visions. The moment of rest is cut short when the Imperium assimilates the last of the Joshian Nation. Seth, Sidrich, and Caitleth will have to navigate between the warring factions or succumb to destruction. Refuge might be found in the most forbidding place left to them, but they’ll have to decide if they have the courage to go into unchartered territories, and possibly into greater danger. 

TCOE: Book 1 was sucessfully funded on Indiegogo in 2014, and has since been warmly accepted by those that give it a chance. As I balance family, paying comic projects and personal projects, Book 1 is slowly being introduced into more stores: Comics America, Comic Factory IV, and McNally Robinson Booksellers are just the beginning. Book 2 is looking to build on that success. 

As the weeks go by I will have further posts and insights into the campaign: what made me want to create this book, inspirations, maybe chat with some of the other artists that inspire me and are being super awesome about contributing covers and poster art. 

The campaign ends February 29th. 

Check it out. Share it. Make comics!

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