So, in case you missed my other postings, The Chronicles of Era has a NEW Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the production of the sequel, TCOE: Whispers of Redemption Book 2.

The Chronicles of Era: Book 2 on Indiegogo.

I can wait while you check it out, share it, and donate.

No rush.

Oh, good, you’re back.

Over the next few remaining weeks (the campaign ends February 29, 2016), I will do various spotlights on different parts of Era or the new book. Characters, the world, its evolution, or the fantastic artists that have agreed to do variant covers and posters when it reaches it goal. First up, one of two central characters.

The Seer


TCOE: BOOK 1 Chapter 1

Seth is of House Heberon, the easternmost tribe of the Joshian Nation. He is brother to the merchant Sarah and apprentice to the holy woman, Lyllyth. Yet, his family sash is colourless. The birthmark across his back signals him as an outsider. The dreams he suffers are misunderstood and make him a target to be exploited. Seth has been a part of the Joshian Nation all his life, but he is not one of them, and he is beginning to lose his sense of self. Now, Seth has a new role to fill: the Wild Seer. As an exotic prophet from the heathen Joshian tribes, Illiam and Joshian alike come from afar to hear his his prophetic visions. Not even his closest confidant, Sidrich, understands that the visions are taking control of him, calling him to the east…


Final Thoughts


While the campaign is of the flexible variety, the success of the campaign will have a dramatic effect on the production of Book 2. Funds raised will largely go towards printing costs–while still  a small print run, it is bumped up from Book 1–but also putting time aside to finish the book in time for October, and if stretch goals are met, it will allow me to share some other amazing artists’ work. I am so excited to see what Greg, Scott, Nyco and Chomichuk will make from my little universe.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for supporting new and independent comics!



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