Shiny Praise for The Chronicles of Era: Book 1!

Just got a couple shiny new accolades for The Chronicles of Era: Book 1. These reviews comes from GMB Chomichuk and Nicholas Burns, both local comic makers and all round great guys.

You can support the completion of The Chronicles of Era: Book 2 at Indiegogo now:…/the-chronicles-of-er…/x/4885915…

Check out Chomichuk and Nicholas’s work!

“Scott Henderson’s work on 7 Generations and Tales from Big Spirit with David Alexander Robertson shows off his ability to tell real human drama up close and personal. Henderson builds big worlds and big stories for the Chronicles of Era. If you want ancient robots, magical armies, sword fights, prophecies and high adventure then Chronicles of Era should be on your pull list.”

-GMB Chomichuk The Imagination Manifesto, Infinitum, Midnight City

“Scott Henderson’s Chronicles of Era is gripping High Fantasy that soars from strength to strength. With each chapter, his hero’s journey grows ever more hazardous. Court intrigue and lurking dangers abound, as the visions that guide him also curse him. In the tradition of Nausicaä and ApocaliptiGirl, Henderson intricately renders intrepid adventure in a world flung back to the Dark Ages by a half-forgotten war, to skilfully reveal his hero’s inspired future and audacious destiny.”

Nicholas Burns – Arctic Comics, Super Shamou,True North

The Chronicles of Era: Book 1 is available at McNally Robinson, Comic Factory IV, Maxx Collectables, on ComiXology, as well as at the new Indiegogo campaign for Book 2.


Thank you for the support guys!

Help make comics!

Scott B Henderson.

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