Era Character Spotlight: The Runaway

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Onto the next instalment of character spotlights!

The Runaway


The fanciful adventures of Arella told of exotic faraway lands, dangerous warlords, and saintly heroes that helped rebuild civilization. It was a time when the knowledge of the Gifted Ones hadn’t been completely lost, and there were still wondrous miracles in the world. Caitleth heard of the wildness in the far corners of the Imperium and rode the rails in search of adventures like Arella. Caitleth witnessed the power of a Skill Knight and became the adept of a missionary, yet the thrill of the adventure has wan since seeing the methods of the Order of Fallen and Lost.

Has she fallen too deep to escape, or is there a way out?

The runaway, Caitleth

The runaway, Caitleth

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