Era Character Spotlight: The Priest

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The Chronicles of Era is a personal playground where I play with whatever strikes my fancy. Humans achieving super human abilities, like Mentats or Bene Gesserit? Check. Steampunk robots and other advanced tech in a bygone age? Check. The conflicts of humanity with nature, their need to dominate it or live in symbiosis? Check. Inspiration from fantasy artists like Travis Charest, Michael Whelan, Alan Lee, Kieth Parkinson or Frank Frazetta? Check.

Mixed in with all this is the relationship of humanity to its gods and with technology. The dominant civilization, the Illium Imperium, believes their ancestors were god-like: building a paradise under their direct control, and with the power to command the elements of the universe. When paradise collapsed the survivors clung to their memory of this utopia, while relics became coveted objects of worship. A religious order sprung up out of the darkest days with a promise to return humanity into the hands of the gods and reopen the gates of paradise.

Father Albus Partrich is one such man that preaches the words of the Order of Fallen and Lost, shepherding lost souls back within the folds of the Imperium.

The Priest

“I am servant of the Gifted Ones, those who came before and now slumber until the time of redemption. With your wisdom do I go into lands plunged in darkness. I carry the torch of knowledge and hope to those that live without your light. Grant me the of voice for them to hear my words and the strength to carry them up. For I will do what I must to raise them up. They have fallen to evil ways, ignorant as children and savage as beasts. They know not that they sin and what I do is to save their souls.”


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As well I had a few Q&A’s with the guest artists of The Chronicles of Era: Book 2 Indiegogo campaign:

Scott A. Ford

Greg Waller

Nyco Rudolph

Oh, and I had my first bit of fan art for Era, too.  By Jeremy Scott, a fabulous painter and all round good guy (I work with him at my “other” job as a custom framer).

Warrior Seth by Jeremy Scott

Warrior Seth by Jeremy Scott

I want to thank everyone for their support thus far (and patience with my constant barrage of posts about the campaign).


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