The final hours of the campaign brought a sudden, much needed, boom. While responded to those that funded, I was contemplating 2 things: I *really* wanted Scott Ford to do a variant, can I do that now? With less than 24 hours? Followed by, “Wait. When exactly does the campaign end again? …. Hey, I CAN EXTEND IT??”
How did I miss that?
As such, the option for a variant cover for “The Chronicles of Era: Book 2” by the graphically talented Scott A. Ford is now open! I did a little Q&A here:…/artist-spotlight…/

And the Indiegogo campaign for The Chronicles of Era is here:

And the campaign has been extended to the full 60 days, about 2 more weeks (FYI: this extension is a one time offer, so March 16 is the LAST day).
Ever since all of my guest artists agreed to contribute I’ve been super excited to see what each would do. I was just itching to unlock each and every one (and I had a much longer list of artist. Really, the talent in Winnipeg is endless!). The only guest artist left to unlock is GMB Chomichuk! Their variants will also be available as prints.

Scott A. Ford now has a time extension to let people know about his great work. It’s still a ways from being complete, but keep your eyes open for “Ark Land”!
So, thank you to my fellow “midnight crammers” for making donations yesterday (as well as those that contributed earlier. Those first contributions (and shares) really help established a positive mood in the beginning). I appreciate each contribution, share through social media, and the encouraging words said. We’ve been given an extension so let’s make the most of it and reach a little further!

Scott Henderson


Ark Land ©Scott A. Ford 2016

Ark Land
©Scott A. Ford 2016

My own fan art for Scott Ford's "Ark Land" OGN. Coloured by Scott Ford (in his distinctive style!)

My own fan art for Scott Ford’s “Ark Lank” OGN. Coloured by Scott Ford (in his distinctive style!)

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