Indiegogo Campaing Roundup and Other Loose Ends

I’ve been out of sight of late, pushing to finish deadlines and follow up leads to new contracts. So, here’s the huge info-dump of what is going on, what happened to that Indiegogo thing I kept pushing, and what’s coming up.

The Chronicles of Era: Book 2 Indiegogo Success!

ERA_BOOK2_INDIEGOGOPROMOThe latest campaign for my own fantasy graphic novel, The Chronicles of Era, came to an end a couple weeks back, and while I didn’t reach the goal I had set out, the support and funds I did are greatly appreciated and will be put to good use! The advantage to Indiegogo is that you can select a flexible funding campaign, where you still receive funds even if you miss your goal. Now the hard part comes: getting all that art done in time for Central Canada Comic Con (C4) at the end of October.

Several extra special thank you’s to supports of my mad scheme to make comics:

Thank you to my wife, Angela, for sharing and posting as much as she did, her suggestions and patience in putting up with me.

Thank you to my guest artists, first for agreeing to creating alternate covers (and posters) for Book 2, but also their support in sharing the campaign, and for being spectacular, inspirational artists.

Greg Waller, Scott A. Ford, and Nyco Rudolph.

"Guerrilla" Written and Illustrated by Greg Waller ©Greg Waller 2016

Written and Illustrated by Greg Waller
©Greg Waller 2016

Dagger of Truth ©Nyco Rudolph 2016

Dagger of Truth
©Nyco Rudolph 2016

Romulus + Remus Vol. 2 ©Scott A. Ford 2016

Romulus + Remus Vol. 2
©Scott A. Ford 2016









And while I didn’t reach my goal to unlock him as another guest artist, GMB Chomichuk has also been a huge inspiration, freely giving fantastic advice and being a wellspring of positivity.

While many would share the campaign across social media, Andrew Lorenz shared with a zeal that nearly exceeded my own. (side note: Andrew is the writer on some amazing comics himself, through his S17 publications; check them out!)






During the campaign I got my first fan art for The Chronicles of Era. Art by Jeremy Scott, another eye popping local artist and painter.

Warrior Seth by Jeremy Scott

Warrior Seth by Jeremy Scott







Continual support by Chadwick, Aaron, Leia, Richard , Erin, Ariel, Fran, Donovan, and dozens of others, including family–I wouldn’t have done it without you!





C4 Pop Culture Expo


April 9-10th is the C4 Pop Culture Expo–a kind of mini version of C4 at the end of October. It will be my first time attending in years, so curious to see who comes out. I will have a full selection of the graphic novels I have worked on for sale: 7 Generations, Tales From Big Spirit, Helen Betty Osborne Story, Blanket of Butterflies and my own work, The Chronicles of Era: Book 1, as well as a preview for Book 2.

IMG_4980 IMG_3059






Where Can You Get The Chronicles of Era: Book 1?

Can’t make it to a convention to get a signed and sketched upon copy of The Chronicles of Era?

You’re in luck, there are a few local retailers who have copies of my book! And I’m trying to expand on this list:

Max Collectables

Comic Factory IV

McNally Robinson Booksellers

and most recently Chapters Polo Park (and working on St.Vital and Indigo Kenaston)–with a book signing slated for May 21st, 2016!

I am also working on a shopping section of WordPress, playing around with Paypal and sorting that out. Coming soon?

Coming Soon

Tales From Big Spirit: The Chief

Remember those deadlines I mentioned before?

A new instalment in the Tales From Big Spirit series is one of those deadlines. No official release date, but the bulk of the work is done, so just edits and printing. Sometime this spring would be my guess. Written by the prolific David Alexander Robertson, with all art (including colouring) by myself, published by HighWater Press.

The_Chief_Page_1-e1457711753887 BIGBEAR_PG02_TEXT






Caalo Xan: Sci-fi Audio Drama

I’ve also provided conceptual art for the science fiction audio drama, Caalo Xanwith season 2 just getting underway! You can download episodes from the site, iTunes and Soundcloud.





That’s about it!

Thank you to all of my supporters and fans.

Support the fight in making comics!


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