Sales and Book Signing

Ah, marketing!

Getting out there, spreading your work like dandelion spores out into the world, engaging strangers, asking for permission or reviews, inquiries, blogging…

And then there’s me. Flailing around. Making a decision (maybe), then randomly changing my mind later. Plagued by uncertainty, indecision and learning on the fly.

But, despite all that, I am getting my own graphic novel, The Chronicles of Era, out into more stores (at a glacial rate, but, none the less…).


On May 21st I will be doing my first book signing for Era at the Festival Chapters (Polo park), from 12-3.

Anyone who buys the book from me will get a doodle on the inside cover, and the first few will get a bonus preview of the next instalment (which is in production).


This will be the first in a series of book signings: Tentatively June 4 at Indigo (Kenaston Commons) and Chapters at St. Vital (TBA).

The price for The Chronicles of Era: Book 1 on ComiXology has been reduced.
Check it out here!



The Chronicles of Era is also available at these fine book stores and comic shops:

McNally Robinson Book Sellers

Comic Factory IV

Maxx Collectables

Come out. Say hi. Buy a book. Chat about comics and self publishing. Challenge me to come out of my reclusive, introverted shell.

The Chronicles of Era: Synopsis

Mankind lived in a paradise fit for gods for over 2000 years, until The Adversary came and destroyed the greatest city that ever was.  The survivors rebuilt civilization in their new, brutal world, but their history was reduced to myths and legends.

Hundreds of years later, three youths–Seth, Sidrich, and Caitleth–are caught between the escalating conflicts of the Illiam Imperium and the Joshian Nation.

All the while, secret forces are edging closer to awakening the old gods and reopen the gates of paradise…


And of course check out these other books that I’ve had a hand in. Some are new. Some are up for awards. All are important and fantastic reads.

Tales From Big Spirit: The Chief

Written by David Alexander Robertson, published by HighWater Press (coming May 30th)

Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story

Written by David Alexander Robertson, published by HighWater Press (nominated in the 2016 Manitoba Book Awards)0BETTY_COVER_wTEXT

A Blanket of Butterflies

Written by Richard Van Camp, published by HighWater Press (nominated in 2016 Eisner Awards)


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