Moonshot Volume 2: Something You Need

Bringing More Indigenous Voices to the Forefront

Moonshot Volume 2 follows the success of the first Moonshot, an anthology collection of stories told by Indigenous People in a comic book/graphic novel format. Nearly all of the writers are Indigenous People from across North America, and many of the artists as well, allowing their stories to be told their way. Moonshot Vol. 1 had a variety of stories by Indigenous authors, while Moonshot Vol. 2 will focus on stories about present day Indigenous spirituality and tradition.

Volume 2 will once again be edited by the fabulous Hope Nicholson (Nelvana of the Northern LightsSecret Loves of Geek Girls), and published by AH Comics.

The talented and highly acclaimed David Mack returns with amazing art for the anthology.


“Wolf Spirit” by David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil, Fight Club 2)

David Alexander Robertson (Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story, Evolution of Alice, Tales from Big Spirit) and Richard Van Camp (The Lesser Blessed, There Feathers, and (the Eisner Nominated) A Blanket of Butterflies), two authors that I have had the honour of repeatedly working with, will have stories in Volume 2.

With Moonshot Volume 2 I have the opportunity to contribute art; I get help Richard Van Camp bring his short story, The Magic of Wolverines to the public.


“The Magic of Wolverines”, written by Richard Van Camp (The Lesser Blessed, Three Feathers, A Blanket of Butterflies), illustrated by Scott B Henderson (The Chronicles of Era, 7 Generations: A Plains Cree Saga, A Blanket of Butterflies)

I missed out on Moonshot Vol. 1 because of work conflicts: at the time I was juggling between 3 and 5 project, most of which were all due around the same time–which would have been the same time they needed art for Moonshot. So, I had to say no with much regret.

There is less than 24 hours left in Moonshot Volume 2’s Kickstarter Campaign.

It would be fantastic for Volume 2 to reach it’s second stretch goal: an additional 250 books would be printed and sent to Indigenous communities and school libraries across North America.feff45fa6da7a2525251901bfb6c8e34_original

Check out Moonshot Volume 2, consider donating to its campaign, and help to bring this important and inspirational graphic anthology to as many people as possible!

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